First injection done!!!!!

So I went for scan and all fine so they said I can start inj today ( I did my first inj at Hosp and it was fine. I go back nxt Wednesday for scan and they will add another injection ( I have to inj every eve from tmr) then another scan nxt Friday and again on Monday 16th - with e/c booked for Wednesday 18th. 😊😊😊😊 I can't believe it is finally happening I can't quite believe I got as far as injection as I've had so many set backs/ delays it dosnt seem real yet. Let's just hope that the inj do what there meant to do and all goes well from here. 

It's 12 days till egg collection I feel like I'm in a bubble so weird.Β 

My boyfriends panicking nw bless him . We are going out now got a late lunch to celerbrate no alcohols for me!Β 

Having Accupuncture tmr and will get it all booked for the nxt few weeks.Β 


( I'm sure I'll still have a few downs but at the moment I'm on a real high cos can't believe my luck today ) xx

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