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42 thinking about IVF with donor eggs abroad


My name is Debbie I'm 42 and really want a child

I live with my boyfriend who have 15 year old daughter from last relationship and i like when she come to our house and stay for a weekend. But as any woman I want to have my own children.

Unfortunately i was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of both ovaries

had a complicated operation to remove the ovaries and after chemotherapy and a course of treatment after chemo. It's absolutely ruined me

I know my life never will be fully happy without child

I'm considering Ivf with donor eggs somewhere abroad

Has anyone experienced the same?

I would be so glad to hear any opinion

with love Deb

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Hello Angeleee

Sorry to hear about your faults

Can you please tell me more about clinic you used. How did you find them?

If it's ok to ask how much did you pay?

Thank you x


Hi De


I have not been through what you have but am I was told I was infertile from age 18 and 41 now had 3 natural pregnancies which ended in 2 mc and 1 eptopic, had 4 failed fresh private cycles of IVF and all BFN.

Our last attempt is to have DE abroad so we are now preparing to go soon as we have been matched with a donor.

I say you will always wonder if you don't try.

Good luck babes xxx


Hi Tamtam1

Can you please tell me where are you going for your IVF? What clinic?

Thank you and good luck too



Hi, I am very sorry that you are going though all of this. Some friends of mine underwent ivf treatment at Polish clinic Invi**ta and have been happy with service and prices. Clinic also offers de programs. Good luck


Hello nicknick

Thank you for advice


Good luck with yr treatment xx


Hey girls

I have a bad news. Call to the clinic and doctor said my stimulation can harm me and there is a very high rick of relapse. I'm highly not recommend IVF but They suggested surrogacy. I never really thought about it before but now it may be my only option for us. I call the clinic you all mentioned biotexcom and the lady i talk to explain me all the risks and possibilities. The only problem i have to be married to apply for surrogate program.

Me and my partner talk about it. It is cost more than we plan to pay for IVF but i'm not going to give up. Right now we are choosing a wedding day.

Hopefully it would not take long.

Feeling stresed but exited at the same time


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