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Oregon Fertility Journey. Free Donor Egg IVF


Every member of the ORM team is truly honoured to work with our patients to help them grow their families. As part of our Fertility Journey, ORM will help a couple or individual in need of assistance to fulfil their dream of building a family by offering a free donor egg IVF cycle with genomic screening at our world-renown clinic. The selected recipient couple or individual will match with a fully-screened ORM Donor as part of our Fertility Journey.

The ORM Donors program contains both known and anonymous egg donors many of which live local to our clinic.

ORM’s Fertility Journey will cover the cost the of the donor’s screening, treatment, egg retrieval and medications; the selected couple’s or individual’s pre-cycle testing performed at ORM; IVF process; Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) procedure on the embryos; transfer procedures and related medications. The selected recipient(s) will also benefit from consulting with ORM’s genetic counsellors when matching with an ORM Donor.

Certain costs will be the responsibility of the selected recipient(s). These include egg donor compensation; any legal fees for an egg donor agreement; any donor travel reimbursements; recipient(s)’ travel and accommodation; any pre-cycle testing required on the selected couple not performed at ORM; and local monitoring in the recipient couple or individual’s home location.

As part of the Fertility Journeys project, the selected recipient(s) agree to share their story in Fertility Road and through interview and videos. We recognise this as a vital educational tool which helps raise awareness of fertility issues and the sharing of positive outcomes.

ORM’s Fertility Journey is open to couples and individuals of all sexual orientations as well as to those that may need to work with a gestational surrogate. We welcome applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds, and at any point along their fertility journey.

If you wish to apply for ORM’s Fertility Journey, then please use the form below to send us your details before the 15th of June 2017. Please also submit a current photo of yourself and your partner (if applicable). We will be in touch with next steps after the submission of your details which may include requests for additional information and a Skype interview.

We will aim to make a final selection after the 15th of June 2017.

More info and sign up form goo.gl/forms/Vj2J99rjE5ef0xzI2

Full Journey information on our website.


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