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Free Egg Donation Treatment With IVF Spain

As we start out 3rd of our Fertility Journeys project we are pleased to announce that IVF Spain are again offering free egg donation treatment.

When it comes to participating in the Fertility Journeys project, patients must agree to share their story through videos and interviews made by the IVF Spain team when coming to the clinic for their first visit. IVF Spain intends to raise awareness of how common fertility problems actually are; hence they must be made visible in order to contribute to its normalisation. It is in this way we intend that couples going through such situations may feel identified and understood, whilst realising that there are medical solutions for infertility problems.

If you wish to work with us, free of charge, across 2016, we ask that all applications are submitted before April 7, 2016 below. In order to know more of your story, please provide us with information about your age, number of previous cycles, motivation to start a fertility treatment.

Once the deadline passes, we will be in contact with all candidates to learn more about their stories. We wish we could help all couples, but unfortunately can only accept one application.

Between April 11-17 we will announce the couple that will start fertility treatment at IVF Spain, so that we can proceed with the first consultation in May.

The chosen couple will travel to IVF Spain, where a prestigious, specialist in assisted reproduction will perform a free first consultation and the first fertility treatment.

To submit your details please visit our website fertilityroad.com/fertility...