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Can anyone see a second line

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I dont know if this is my imagination.. In real life it looks darker but I'm sure I can see the slightest line? What do you think? Be honest and tell me if im going crazy lol xx

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I can see a very faint line, when are you due to test? Xxx

Can you really? I thought I was going crazy, I'm only 4dp 5dt with a 3cb graded embryo and I thought I had no hope xx

I can see the line that you can see but it is very faint so try not to test again until your test day! I know it’s hard but wishing you all the luck that it gets darker ❤️❤️

Aww thank you, i hope it gets darker. It's hard not to test I think I have a problem with poas haha xx

I was 4dp5dt when i got my faint line too :D

I'm so sorry, I cant see it but it's super early. I hope you get your positive.🤞🏻xx

Thank you for being honest Cinderella, and thank you i really do hope I get it too. I don't want to have to go through the whole ivf again it's too much xx

I've looked at it in a different light and I think I can see a tiny faint line so fingers crossed it gets darker!🤞🏻xxx

Thank you xx

I can see a line!

I can see something but could be a shadow. It’s torture but the only true way to know is on the testing day. Hang in there as you aren’t far away.

I know i think you right I shouldn't do this , I shouldn't be inspecting a pee stick like I'm doing, I'm just going to wait. I could be building myself up with faults hope xx

In my opinion the 2ww is actually the worst bit of all of it. Totally understand you wanting to test, it’s just you see so many stories of it going one way then the other. Do your best to hold on. (I woke 3am on testing day and did it. Couldn’t make it through the last few hours ha!)

can you send pic of natural light


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JoP32 in reply to Chloe12122222

I can see a very faint line! Can you test again this morning to see if a bit darker ? Xx

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Chloe12122222 in reply to JoP32

I was going to try and leave testing but all I have thought about is testing, I'm at work still so as soon as I'm home I'm going to re test I think xx

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Chloe12122222 in reply to JoP32

I did another one when I came home with a diffrent cheap test and only a very faint line again, its making me paranoid that something isn't going to go right xx

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JoP32 in reply to Chloe12122222

I can see a line.Can you do a morning one - your wee will be stronger so you’ll get a more accurate result (and therefore hopefully a darker line!) xx

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Chloe12122222 in reply to JoP32

I did this one at 7:30 this morning do you think it's getting darker or staying the same xx

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JoP32 in reply to Chloe12122222

It looks darker to me!! 🙌🎉🎉 xx

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JoP32 in reply to JoP32

It’s very clearly a line now - don’t even have to squint to see it! 😅👍🙌

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Chloe12122222 in reply to JoP32

Aww yeyy!! Let's hope it keeps getting darker xx

I think it looks darker too!xx

I can a very faint line.What day are you after transfer?

The test in this post was yesterdays when I was 4dp 5dt xx

I never test early so I wouldn't feel the anxiety you are feeling you are brave!I only do hcg tests 14 days after transfer (9dp5dt)so I would know for sure with no doubt.

Hope you are pregnant!

How can you wait the whole 2 weeks does it not drive you crazy? Xx

I did 6 transfers in total and only one time I tested early and that time was the one driving me crazy 😅Waiting 2 weeks is horrible I know but testing early and driving myself crazy over the result that I got is even harder for me


I kmow tell me about it. I get worried about not getting the second line all the way through the 2ww then it's worrying to think if I make it past the 12 week mark.. The whole proxcces of this ivf is so stressful xx

I’d wait until day 6 and try again it’s still very early a minute, I didn’t test until day 6 and only done so as I had a bit of brown spotting so panicked it was my period coming as that’s what happened on my first transfer but I did have a positive on day 6, got everything crossed for you 🙏🏼🤞🏼 Xxx

Did you have a 5dt? And what grade if you don't mind me asking?.. Im glad the outcome was positive for you xxx

I did yes a 4bc, thank you, try and hold off until then and try not to stress to much, is this your first ivf? Xxx

No this is my 3rd one now so fingers crossed its 3rd time lucky xx

Hi Chloe,

I can see a very faint line yes. However, it’s still very early to test, it may well be the medication causing the line? However again, it could be HCG showing, but I would definitely wait now until test day so you can get a true reading. I know it’s difficult but try to relax & distract yourself until then!

Best of luck, you’re amazing for going through IVF, it’s the toughest most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on!


Can estradiol and pessarys cause a false positive? Xx

And thank you for your lovly reply it really is a tough journey not just for us but our partners too xx

Unless you've had a trigger shot which has hCG in it then the mess you are on cant give you a false positive.xx

Ohh no i haven't had a trigger my parter couldnt ejaculate on the day of egg retrieval so my eggs got frozen and we did it a couple of months later xx

All sounds good then!xx

I see afaint line . I would say its all looking good goodluck

I hope so 🤞🏽 xxx

Very very faint! But i totally see it! Lets hope it continues to get darker. All the best xxx

Thank you xx

I can definitely see something. I tested on day 8 and got a positive, so I’d give it another day and test in the morning. Good luck 🤞

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Chloe12122222 in reply to J3nna

Yes I will do I topped up on tests just incase haha. Thank you xx

Can see a line 🙂 good luck x

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Chloe12122222 in reply to GR93

Thank you xxx

Chloe12122222 hope you’re ok !! How are things? Xxxx

Aww how lovely of you to ask ❤️.. Yes I'm good thank you i think everythings going good so far.. I had my bloods taken on the 25 and 27 the fist was 344 and the second was 1048 but I havnt had any more bloods since so I'm waiting on a early scan to see it's not an ectopic pregnancy again xxxx

Wow that’s really good numbers and a big jump from the first! So that’s positive! I hope the scan goes ok. congratulations ♥️♥️♥️

Keep us updated on how the scan goes xxx

Aww thank you so much, what a lovely woman you are 😊 xx I'm trying not to get my hopes up just yet with having previous losses. So hoping everything goes well at the scan xxx

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