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Short protocol - what is the process & how long does it last?



We will be starting soon our 5th cycle. I have always had a long protocol so far, reacted well to the drugs, got lots of eggs (<14 ) but in the end at day5 I have always ended up with 1 blastocyst at best and other times with early blastocyct.

So as our last attempt and thinking of getting quality vs quantity we want to to go for a short protocol this time

Can anyone tell me more details on how long it lasts, what pills/injections you took and what day ie you had the scan, egg collection, etc?

Many thanks

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I had a short protocol for my fourth round. It’s very different and goes so fast. From what I recall I had a scan as soon as my period began and I didn’t need to take my nasal spray that time. I also recall needing to inject in the morning as well as the evening. But basically it was a hell of a lot quicker. Wishing you lots of luck with it all xx

Crista240411 in reply to Emma04

Many thanks hon!

Its our 5th and last round as we are drained emotionally (only the 4th cycle was positive but I had a miscarriage at 11wks) and drowning financial as they were all self funded ...

I have just had ER after my first ever IVF and we did short protocol. In all it’s only been 2 weeks since my first baseline scan and starting meds so a quick process. I had 13 eggs collected today so just waiting to see how they get on.

My meds were two injections each evening (Menopur 4 x 75IU split into two injections) then on day 6 I started Cetrorelix on a morning too. After 10 days my menopur reduced to 3 x 75IU in 1 injection and then on day 12 I did my Gonsai trigger. Day 13 today was ER. My friend needed stims till day 17 so all still varies but hope this helps x

Thank you very much!

This was very helpful!

Hope for a good fertilization rate on your eggs

Good luck!

I’m just in the middle of short protocol now. It is super fast. I started injections last Monday, scan today and now EC is scheduled for Thursday.

I have mostly had 2 injections a day, one morning/one evening. Double menopur for 2 days, then single menopur in evening and fyremadel in morning.

It’s been really smooth, apart from being a bit bloated....but we’ll see how many eggs it produces. They did say they wanted quality over quantity and so I was getting lower doses.

Good luck x

Thank you very much! This was really helpful

I wanted the same thing as in my previous 4 cycles I had lots of eggs, and many fertilized, but on day 5 I struggled to get to blastocyst stage. So this time I wanted a short protocol to get quality over quantity

Good luck with your egg collection and this whole 'journey'!


Hi Crista. Less stress on the body, and tends to coax eggs that want to come out, rather than forcing loads that could end up being immature. Good luck and fingers crossed for success. Diane

Many thanks!

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