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What do you recommend: Fresh transfer versus frozen?


Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help me out a little. My husband and I will be starting IVF cycle for the first time and we’re equally super nervous. We’re wondering what’s the best option in regards to frozen versus fresh? Our clinic seems to be pushing for a frozen and saying it’s the better option.

Reason we need IVF is for low sperm count and motility. Are fresh cycles less likely to stick? I read a bit about the body naturally being more prepared following a frozen transfer. We’re both 32 years old in case that factors a little.

Any tips would help and greatly appreciate it!

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Hi I’ve had both fresh and frozen transfers. I got pregnant both ways unfortunately we miscarried on the fresh round and we miscarried on our first frozen transfer but luckily our last embryo and second frozen round stuck and we are currently 41weeks. I have damaged tubes which is why we needed ivf I’m 33 and my husband is 40. Frozen round is much easier on the body than fresh. Sorry I’m not much help as our clinic was happy to do fresh transfer straight away. I wish you lots of luck on your journey xx

Rella22 in reply to Penders

Hi there,

Thank you so much for replying and giving me feedback. I’m sorry to hear the first cycles didn’t work but happy to hear you’re going to have your miracle baby soon! Congratulations!

I’m so eager to start so I suppose I wanted to give a fresh a try and if we have some left to freeze to give it a go later.

I have a follow up today so will speak to them again.

Thanks again :)!

Hello, I had both and frozen stuck. However, my fresh cycle was using a 3day embryo so I don't know if this would have been different had they let me wait. One thing is that I felt so much more relaxed with my frozen cycle, it gave my body time to recuperate and time for me to do everything possible to get my lining nice and thick; lots of activity, eating well, I also did pressotherapy. During the stimulation and after EC any kind of physical activity can be difficult as you are in a degree of pain or discomfort. See what the other ladies say and then see what you feel like doing more. Also, don't forget that implantation could fail the first time, so you may have to go down the FET route anyway! Good luck on your journey 😊

Rella22 in reply to Blue1986

Hi Blue thank you!

Okay that gives me a better idea regarding the frozen route. Been reading a lot online and we have a IVF education session this week with the clinic. As hopeful as I am for it to be successful on a first try we’ve been down a long road of negative results. In a way I’ve prepped myself to accept that it may take more than once.

I am going to take your suggestions. We’ve started now and will be cautious with exercising... I love the gym and weightlifting. Will have to lay off for a little while and do some relaxation.

Thank you for the feedback!

Blue1986 in reply to Rella22

If you go for the FET go to the gym before the transfer all you can. It's great to get your blood flowing to the uterus.

I think you're better off with a frozen transfer. My clinic in NYC with a VERY high success rate does only frozen transfers. It allows your ovaries to come down in size a little and there's a lower risk of hyperstimulation. Also, studies were done about success rates in FET cycles that indicate that they actually have a higher likelihood of success. We did a FET cycle on our 1st ivf attempt and we are currently preggo!

Hi there!

Thank you for the feedback:)! Yeah I think it would be good to go with the frozen. Having feedback and second opens helped! We’re gonna try a fresh and freeze whatever is left over (if any). And if that fails proceed to only frozen for subsequent cycles.

I’ve done both fresh and frozen, both got me pregnant but unfortunately, both ended in chemical pregnancy. I suppose it’ll depend on what your doc says? I do agree with Penders that frozen is easier on the body than fresh.

Rella22 in reply to Seha04

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for the feedback. Have you attempted another cycle or plan? Sending you lots of positive vibes!


My clinic only does frozen too (or at least definitely prefers it). It gives the body time to heal after egg collection. I was very bloated afterwards so although I would have gone for transfer if I really had to, I would prefer to let the body heal and then transfer at a later date. Good luck :-) x

Hi ya, I had 3 fresh rounds, 2 chemicals and one bfn. On my 3rd cycle I had 3 wee frozen embies ( first time ever to get any to freeze) we then had a fet with 2 embies an I am 12+5 with twins. I definately would recommend frozen as it was less stressful an not as sore on your body. Although I know loads of ppl on here had success with fresh transfers, everyone is so different and what works for one is different than the next person. Good luck whatever u decide x

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