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hope and courage

Hello everyone!! I feel very happy to be a part of this forum. It’s a very good unlike others covering all the topics related to health. it’s a great platform for discussing every matter. Well today, I want to share a story of my very close friend who is now expecting. She has passed through the most complicated part of her life and she was very hopeless some months ago. Actually, she has been diagnosed with endometriosis after her marriage and she was completely shattered after hearing the news. Her husband gave her support at every step of her treatment and he never behaved her for having her illness. While I am happy now that she has recovered herself very quickly and now she is expecting a baby. I want to say that if you have enough courage to face the circumstances then nothing can be impossible for you. All you need is the consistency and determination. Never ever lose your hope and faith in God. There is always something good to come. So, I must say that anyone of you who is suffering from any illness related to fertility, then do ask your queries without hesitation. You will always find good answers to your questions and better solutions. Thanks,.

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