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Hi. Iam 41 now. Had my first ivf fail. Don't think nhs will help us. Unless we pay. Only met my partner few years ago. Not sure what to do. Thinking should I take a break. Don't think about it. Carry on taking my multivitamins. Also someone said take royal jelly. So hard. Always wanted kids. Start off my off journey. They said I don't get enough good eggs. All the way though ivf journey everything was good. Had 2 good blastocyst put in. Then I started to bleed. Just feel losted. 😔 .x

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  • I am not sure if this is helpful but it's worth looking abroad. Firstly it's a fraction of the price, there are countless amazing stories about clinics abroad and finally it's a great shared adventure. I am so sorry for your disappointment and sadness. It's bloody hard! It has worked for me second time. I just think that it is an alternative. Keep strong.. sending you hugs xxx

  • I'm sorry your first round failed. I've read quite a bit about royal jelly and apparently is not good for conception, and it's a bit of a myth. Perhaps try some acupuncture to help you relax? Do you have a good clinic, or are you happy to change? Xx

  • I agree with the Royal Jelly. I took it for one cycle and it completely messed my cycles up for two months xx

  • Hello, you need to really get back onto it because of your age. Have a two month break. There are great clinics, in Turkey, Cyprus and Barcelona.

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