Hi All. Many of you have been upset by the current storyline on ITV’s “Coronation Street”. I felt it was necessary to voice this with our Media Relations Officer, who wrote to them on our behalf. This is the response she received. Diane

“We're sorry if you feel there have been occasions when you've had to query certain aspects of the storyline, but feel the drama accurately depicts the stresses and strains upon Toyah and Peter as they strive to become pregnant. The desire to become pregnant is truly significant for the couple and we don't believe the story undermines how important this would be for them. We must also emphasise that Coronation Street is dramatising their story and isn't a documentary so certain aspects occur for dramatic purposes, hence the fact they undergo treatment perhaps quicker than you would in real life.

We very much appreciate you contacting us and hope you will continue to follow this specific storyline and how it develops”.

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  • Very good of you to raise it diane, but like the world we live in they just don't get it do they as they haven't been through it. I've for one switched off from coronation street because of this story line x

  • they feel the drama accurately depicts the stresses and strains?? Who are they trying to kid?! Thanks Diane for posting and the Media Relations Officer for trying.

  • Personally i feel there response to your points are even more an insult than the storyline itself! Why couldnt they just be honest and and say, well actually on this occasion we didnt do much in depth research on the topic and apologise!!x

  • Inddeed. I feel they should have spoken to patients, as some are willing to "talk". Even folk here would have given honest comments. We tried! Diane

  • Agreed, lots of ladies would have been happy to help them with designing a sensitive story for Toyah x

  • What a load of codswollop... sad to actually think that they think they are really depicting what actually happens... the only part I probably would have agreed with is the having a drink after her epic fail which you didn't actually see...

    If I had to put it into raw harsh words I don't think I could find the words to explain how this journey is apart from unexplainably unexplainable and that's not even a thing...

  • Thank you Diane. They are clearly sticking to their story (forgive the pun!) although a bit less of a predictable response would have been nice. It was very good of you to try and bring this to their attention.

  • Thanks for following this up Diane.their response is a little 'lacking' isn't it? Disappointing from a show I've watched my entire life x

  • Thanks for trying. This response is so wrong in so many levels that I won't even begin to pick on it. I most certainly would have rather seen it "dramatised" than as a a little sideline story without any kind substance xoxo

  • Thanks Diane for atleast trying. I find it pretty outrageous that whatever was part of d tele was vague. But d reply sent was so unpolite. Why take up such a sensitive issue when they can't narrate it properly.

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