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3-5 months waiting for IVF take 2!

Hey everyone

I finally got my period after my failed IVF cycle. To try and keep things going and try and be positive I'm getting referred to a private hospital to get my endometriosis removed by a specialist. I'm hoping this removes another variable from my infertility list or at least gives pain relief for a good while. I'm hoping I don't need my ovary removed or bowel excised but if needs musts. Then hopefully in 3-5 months we have better luck on a higher dose of stims and get the result we want :-).

Good luck to everyone currently on a cycle xxx

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Good luck and glad you're being proactive. I was offered a lap or ivf and went for the latter because of my age (now 40). My first (and only NHS) cycle didn't work out (miscarriage 2 weeks ago) but am wondering about whether to have a lap or hysteroscopy. I'm guessing I'd have to go private though... If you don't mind me asking, how much is a private lap costing?


I don't have to pay I'm covered by private health insurance through work. When I got my original lap done 6 years ago I'm sure the bill was near £3000 although I didn't have to pay it. You should ask your GP to get a referred to a gyni and go through the NHS if your not in a serious rush. I was told mine was mild and would not effect fertility but I'm not so sure and I would rather have it removed if even just for the pain relief x


Unfortunately I am in a rush and my general gynae already offered me a lap before IVF and since I chose IVF first (because I'm now 40) said I wouldn't be able to get a lap done through the fertility clinic afterwards. I'm going to review it with (a different) fertility clinic that I'm now under who suggested they might be able to have a look on their NHS books, but I'm more worried about how long recovery time would set me back from going through another cycle of IVF. Good luck with your plans!

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A hysterectomy should only be offered as a final resort. If they are leaving the ovaries then endo is thought to be caused by oestrogen which will continue to be released by the ovaries. If taking hrt again oestrogen will help endo to reform.

I was nearly persuaded by a general gynaecologist to have a hysterectomy. Luckily I joined this site and a FB group that showed me that the dr was overstepping as a general gynaecologist. If you have stage 3 or 4 endo you should only be seen by a bgse specialist as a general gynaecologist does not have the surgical skills to tackle this severity level of endo.

There are other ways to treat endo depending on symptoms and how it's effecting you.

Laps are around £5000 unless you need a multidisciplinary team (if it's in the bowel or urinary areas).

Can give you the name of the FB group for surgeons who are getting very good reviews for manner and surgical skill.

The idiot general gynaecologist I went with was supposed to remove my endo and one ovary and tube. A scan for fertility 3 months after shows a 5cm mass of either remaining ovary or endo remaining. No way that grew back that quickly.

I'm so annoyed but hope others have caution with general gynaecologists treating severe endo. Seems there are many cases of them undertaking poor quality laps or missing endo completely for specialists to be gobsmacked about how it was missed months later.

Ive not got time to remove the endo before ivf (aging out) so going ahead hoping it won't effect me conceiving starting DR Thursday


Oh dear sounds like you've had a rough ride. I'm also just going head without another lap. I am constantly encouraged that women with severe endo can get pregnant and there's the obvious reason to leave the ovaries untouched so you keep your reserve of eggs. All the very very best with your cycle. Btw, the Facebook grp is endometropolis. Good luck!

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I had my lap to remove my appendix the 25th of November and started long protocol on the 21st of December. The recovery time is 2-6 weeks depending on how much trauma there is I was off work 2 weeks and practically back to normal after that x


I recommend you to check out the surgeon is fully accredited to do the endo surgery. Far too many gynaecologists think they can and just don't have the skills. I'd make sure he/she is bgse accredited surgeon (not just affiliated). Pm me if you need some help x


The guy I'm going to see is bsge registered. I did all my research before I even contacted my GP or BUPA. I had a lap previously by a general gyni and after my one in November the consultant thinks it was there all along he just didn't see it or notice it so I made sure it was someone who knew their shit :-) x


Oh wow. Another possible case of a general gynaecologist missing endo. I panicked after thinking my 7cm mass was cancer so I went immediately to the guy whose good for cancer but apparently crap for endo!

I then went to what I thought was a bgse accredited surgeon. Turns out he just did the IT compilations rather than being a highly regarded surgeon. Luckily only did one appointment with him before finding he was a bit of a tool via forums online!

My symptoms are not that bad although endo on the left is urinary issues which I've started noticing occasional pains in my left kidney and some sciatica.I went to the bees knees of endo surgeons in Birmingham to ask him if I needed a hysterectomy (what the other two Dr's said). He was the only one to grade my symptoms and ask how it effects me. He offered me a lap but I thought the ivf would come through quicker. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Had plenty of time to go and have a lap and recover. Although I think I hear my remaining eggs in my one battling ovary turning to dust each day!

The expert did say removal of endo does help overall fertility. At 38 with one ovary I've chosen to go ivf first. If the first cycle doesn't work I might think about going private and getting the endo sorted before the second cycle. Considering the mass I was supposed to have was 7cm and scans shows a patch of 5cm he didn't do a thorough enough job! He did say it was all attached to my ureter so I guess I should be glad he didn't go all rogue and try to remove it all causing damage.

It's really shitty no-one looks at lady bits health until you are already damaged. Catching mine earlier could have saved me an ovary.

I suppose we should take it as positive that there are lots of women who manage to conceive even with endo and sometimes naturally.

Thanks for posting. It's nice to know I'm not alone in ivf and battling endo. X


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