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Any advice please

Hi ladies hope everyone is good and having happy news.

So today my 4th day of injections I had my first scan to see how the injections are working had two good follicles and a couple more small ones but perfect for the time that I am but the end was told that possible had a small polyp so next Tuesday we have to came back to do a contrast scan to have sure if it is a polyp or just the lining.

I wasn't expecting that because i just had a scan on last Thursday so how in a week everything can change??

Did anyone had the same during their journey and so how did it affect the treatment?

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Hello pinto,

our journey started last year, and after various tests, we finally started our ivf in November. We had EC in late November, during this time, they had found a pylop, so the wife had to delay treatment, and therefore our 4 embies had to be frozen. The recover time was almost 5/6 weeks.

We then started up and in late January, so all the injections started up again when ET was done, we are now coming to the end of our 2ww, and will be testing soon. Don't lose hope and it's better for them to not have anything there that will distract the process of ET. I might add, our clinic gave the wife the option of having it removed either by giving her GA (which would have delayed this slightly longer... to ensure the Ga has worn off) or have it removed whilst awake ) which was what she opted for ( this could be discomforting to say the least).

I wish you s the very best and ofcourse the best result would be that it's not actually a pylop, but if it is then like I say, you've come this far already so another few weeks won't harm you, it would be a tad frustrating as it was for us, but it was for the best. During the process, our clinic also gave her a endo scratch, which by all accounts is ment to help with implantation.

Hope this info helps, and wishing you all the very best.

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Thank you for your replay hope you get the bfp in the end of the tww. Yes it's frustrating because only a couple of months ago a did a hysteroscopy to look for polyps and everything was fine, then last week another scan and nothing and today "it might be something", i know they have to check everything but being told that I have to frozen and they can be sure if in the end it can reappear it's like getting punch. But for now i just want to think positive and fingers crossed that on Tuesday nothing is there.

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I totally get the frustration as your mentally prepared and then it dies t happen when you thought it would. My wife's was "hiding" during the intail scan and it just so happened to appear during routine scan to measure lining ( so it's frustrating but does happen ) as you say, justvremain positive.

Having a FET has a good success rate as aposed to ( not always) but a fresh cycle.


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