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Egg transfer day

Hi I had my egg collection on Friday and I didn't respond well to the drugs given I was so sick and was in all day. Since then the following day I started with a tickle in my throat but didn't think much of it but then Sunday I woke up with earache and now worried about been told I can't have my transfer. This is my first cycle so not sure if it's my reaction to the injections I'm having. If anyone has any advice please help. Thank you x

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Hi Lisa_jackson12. Sounds like you might have picked up a bit of a virus/infection?? Hopefully this shouldn't delay your cycle. Hope all goes well for you and you soon feel better. Diane


Hi, Lisa! I believe this won't provoke the delay. Agree with Diane. Probably you've caught a cold unfortunately.. But there is nothing awfully bad about it if only you don't have your temperature high.. Try to rest more and reduce meds about the earache if you're taking any. Now be very attentive and do everything discussed previously with your doc. Hope you feel better today.

Good luck with your round x


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