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8days past transfer,6days to go until test day

Hello everyone, I had 2embryos transferred last Tuesday and everything was going well apart from feeling very tired. Since Saturday however I have suffered some stomach cramps and extremely nauseous every min of every day! Iv been trying to keep eating a healthy diet however due to the sickness this isn't much and have lost 7lb since the weekend. Has anybody else suffered with severe nausea and gone on to have a positive result? As you can imagine I'm feeling quite negative right now. I believe it may be due to the side effects from the estrogen/progesterone I'm taking, not sure I would get pregnancy symptoms this early? Any advice appreciated xx

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If you haven't already discussed this with a nurse or doctor I would. You need to retain fluids and some nutrition... I hope it's just a side effect and all is well. I was very tired during my 2ww but I put a lot of that down to all the stress and build up after the procedures as I found them quite uncomfortable.

I don't want to say it could be a symptom because it could get your hopes up but your body has been through a lot and it might be just it's way of saying, can we stop and rest for a bit now?!

I've found I have to listen to my body entirely since IVF (and falling pregnant)... None of this 'oh just keep going'... If you need to stop, stop. If you need to rest, rest. Whatever the outcome of your transfer you are still the vital part of this as it's your body that will ultimately carry and grow your baby so being healthy is paramount.

All the best... Fingers crossed and make sure you seek professional advice/help x


i had my 2 embryos transfered on day 3 within 5 days of transfer my food tastes funny and started to be sick i am now 6 months pregnant with a baby girl and looks like my morning sickness is staying for the whole 9 months good luck xxx kirsty xxx


Thankyou for your replies both, sorry I haven't replied until now I have been extremely ill and bed bound. Huge congrats on your continuing pregnancies I hope all goes smoothly. I got so ill I rang my clinic in tears and spoke to a nurse and explained all of my symptoms, she rang me back after speaking to a doctor to say it's not uncommon for some people to feel like this at this stage, it could either be an indication the treatment has worked or it could be medication side effects. Either way im still severely nauseous and keep having sharp stomach cramps and constant headaches, iv now lost 11lb since last weekend. Everything just turns my stomach and smells set me off boking even my partners aftershave. I'm thankfully keeping a bit of fluid down now. Iv felt so poorly all I could do was cry at one point. Tuesday is test day and can't come quick enough. Xx


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