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Has anyone been given advice about whether to carry on with exercise/swimming during tww and beyond?


Hi everyone,

I am a recurrent miscarriager, currently being seen by Professor Quenby at Coventry. I am currently in my tww and am kicking myself for not asking when I saw her - does anyone know what the advice is about swimming and exercise during the tww when experiencing recurrent miscarriage?

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They advised me not to swim in the 2ww, due to the chance of there being bacteria in the water. I would phone and ask them about excercise, I didn't as I chose to rest up on my last round, to give myself every chance. But i suppose it depends on the individual. I wasn't a big exerciser anyway 😂. Good luck xxx

Puds1979 in reply to Becky179

That’s great, thank you. I think i’ll opt for rest and relaxation, any excuse! X

I'm not sure they always tell you to exercise while ttc and in pregnancy, I used to go to the gym and do classes I carried on while pregnant and miscarried at 12w. With my next pregnancy I decided to stop and just take it easy I still miscarried at 13w. I dont think it makes any difference but best check.

Hi! Evidence shows that rigorous physical activity can have a negative impact in ivf success. Because excessive exercise seems to tax the reproductive system and can alter your normal hormone patterns. But if you used to be physically active before the cycle, then exercising won't do harm. This is what my nurse at the repro center told me. No swimming during 2ww!! Anyway you're exposed to infections. Anyway ask your dr or nurse for more peace in your mind. I'm here to wish you the best of luck x

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