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Facial Palsy UK HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines


Hello Facial Palsy UK members,

As we wish to encourage this community to have a friendly, non judgemental & respectful atmosphere we hope all members will read and abide by these guidelines.

We have a growing community and ask that to help maintain an atmosphere as described, if you can help by reporting posts/comments that are not considered appropriate for the community according to our guidelines & HealthUnlocked Terms of Use.

1. Medical Discussion

1.1 If you have seen a research article online please share the link that relates to your post because this would be the best way to show that you have read recent evidence to support your discussion. If not, please can you explain whether the points you have raised are from experience or personal opinion

1.2 Please do not post links containing medical information that may not be from reputable sources and be aware of sites who use information to sell their products. Advertising that is presented in a way it is trying to make false claims will be deleted and any links as per 2.1

Any doubts, please speak to an Admin via Private Message with details of the link.

1.3 It is requested that you do not post the details of doctors, specialists or other health professionals on the community (with the exception of names of Specialist Consultants in the area and authors of books or research articles).

Please use the Private Message facility for any conversation about recognisable Healthcare Professionals. Under no circumstances should the names of Health Professionals be posted on the open board as per Facial Palsy UK & Health Unlocked guidelines. Under no circumstances should you name a health professional in order to post defamatory comments as per Facial Palsy UK & HealthUnlocked guidelines.

1.4 If you post a paragraph from an article or research please give the link as a reference. Please be mindful to acknowledge the author’s work as per copyright laws.

1.5 Please note members claiming to be Health Care Professionals may not necessarily have any professional qualifications and therefore any advice given should not be relied upon as accurate information.

2. Posts

2.1 Promotion of products & services is not allowed as there are plenty other ways to advertise on the internet.

2.2 Please do not post Internet sites selling medications without prescription.

2.3 Facial Palsy UK members please treat all information as private & confidential. Please be aware about your own privacy here on this open community & lock posts to the community where necessary.

2.4 Please remember it is advisable not to give out any personal information & Facial Palsy UK are not responsible for this sharing of this information whatsoever. Please use private messages to relay this information, however it is done so at your own risk.

2.5 Please be polite, respectful & participate in the community by sharing experiences that may help others.

Facial Palsy UK will edit and/or delete any posts or comments as per 2.9 & HU Terms of Use

2.6 No spam allowed across the whole site including the private message facility. Any reports of any unwanted messages by a member may lead to a temporary or permanent restriction.

2.7 If you wish to add a link to a website, blog or vlog of your own please private message Admin first to discuss whether it is appropriate & within the rules/guidelines

2.8 Posts must not contain defamatory comments about any member or Facial Palsy UK Admin /Volunteers.

2.9 Any post containing offensive, sexist, racist and/or abusive content will be edited or deleted. No foul language please and if you wish to express yourself using it, then it should be disguised politely as possible.

2.10 Please be mindful of using Capitals as it is considered to represent shouting.

2.11 No criticism of any spelling & grammar is accepted as members should be tolerant of others

2.12 Stay on topic. Please make sure your posts are relevant to the Facial Palsy UK HealthUnlocked Forum. Admin can reserve the right to delete posts that they feel are not within the remit

3.Posts must not include the following as per HU Terms of Use

3.1 contain obscene, offensive or defamatory content of any person

3.2 promote any discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age

3.3 Abusive content, anything considered as harassment or any Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

3.4 any pictures considered offensive or inappropriate

3.5 NO foul & obscene language of any type. This is not welcome - even in jest, swear words may be edited to contain asterisks if posted.

3.6 Religious, racial or political themes

There are other forums on the Internet suited for exactly this type of discussion, and ask that you please conduct such discussions on those forums.

Members Please Note:

When joining Facial Palsy UK you are entering into an agreement with the administrators to abide by the above Rules & Guidelines.

Please Note: We reserve the right to restrict any member from the group if we feel a major breach of any of these rules has occurred. Please abide by these rules to protect all members & to ensure the success of our group.

Working together as a Community

If a post needs a editing to maintain the guidelines, Facial Palsy UK Admin will send a Private Message explaining the reasons for the edit. It is assumed that members will co-operate with the Admin & Volunteers within the community to resolve these issues for the benefit of all.

Any member breaking the rules on a regular basis or posting threads/comments that appear to be purposely breaking the guidelines will be deleted & this could lead to a permanent restriction of your account and subsequent ban of ALL HealthUnlocked sites

Any defamatory comments towards Facial Palsy UK Admin /Volunteers will be deleted immediately. We ask that any issue you have with Facial Palsy UK be discussed via email or the Private Message module on HealthUnlocked.

If a member continues to post threads/comments in this manner, we reserve the right to restrict them from the community. Please follow the correct procedure if you wish to complain, see the link below;


Please remember the content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Views expressed are those of individuals and not of Facial Palsy UK.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Please see these links for HealthUnlocked Terms of Use & Guidelines;



HU Terms of Use:



Any information, statements or opinions contained in documents, any of Facial Palsy UK Group sites or online communities are not intended to be an alternative to seeking professional help and advice.

Facial Palsy UK aims to provide support and information for interest only. Members should note that the responsibility for their health lies solely with themselves and we would always recommend you seek medical /professional advice at all times.

Lasted updated: 07/01/2020

Due for review: 07/01/2023

NB: These guidelines can be updated at any time with or without notice to moderate & maintain a helpful community.

Facial Palsy UK Privacy Policy: facialpalsy.org.uk/policies...

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