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Scared with Bels Palsy

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I was just diagnosed with bels palsy on 28 Dec. I was not given any steroids due to the added complication of having virual meningitis.

My gp has referred me to some specialists but I’m having to wait a month or more for appointments.

I have no idea how to deal with this, how long it will last and am starting to feel anxious and depressed.

Don’t even know if I can return to work.

I’m taking B bits , Curcumin and immune system boosters.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have had a Facial Palsy since 1990. I think Physio is a good place to start as soon as possible.

Hello. Like you I was really scared when I was diagnosed with BP. My doctor wasn't very helpful and to be honest there isn't really much you can do for the first month. Best not to start pulling your face around too much but you could try steaming and warm wheat pads if you have any pain around your ear. I also had acupuncture which does help some people. I think the biggest help is to try and stay positive and to look after yourself. Take some time off work, eat healthy food and take naps. If you have trouble with your eye make sure you tape at night and use good quality eye drops. You will get better, everyone does usually, it's just a shock at first. I'm now 5 months on and 72% better, I'm having physio but the videos on this site are just as good as physio so wait a month and then start the massage and stretching exercises. Hope you feel better soon, keep warm and good luck!

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Mambers in reply to Bal02

Thank you. I had horrible pain behind my ear last night and ended up having a panic attack. I guess I just need to be patient

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Bal02 in reply to Mambers

I also had terrible pain with my ear, I took codeine which helped a little but I also bought an electric heating pad which really helped. I know how bad you must be feeling and I'm not a very patient person but that's all you can do. I also kept a diary and took pics on my phone once I started to improve.

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Mambers in reply to Bal02

Ok thank you. I’m just freaking out with all this and every time I get a pain I go into meltdown

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Jazzmanstar in reply to Mambers

When you get the pain behind your ear if you have a heating pad place a then towel over it and lay your head on it the heat helps a lot believe me.

Like I had expressed when I first found this site I've had BP 13 times. The first time was 1969.

On each side of my face very traumatic but I made it through them left paralysis that is noticeable that I'm fine with it no choice. That this is what I found during the years that helps when those pains feel like you're being stabbed with a ice pick behind your ear is the heating pad and please don't forget you're syllables to help your muscles a A,E,I,O,U AND WHEN YOU DO THESE EXERCISES MAKE SURE YOU PUT A LOT EXPRESSION WHEN YOU ARE SAYING THE SYLLABLES SO IT CAN STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES TO UNFREEZE THEM AND YOUR NERVES. I HOPE THINGS GET BETTER FOR YOU AND I WILL BE PRAYING FOR ALL OF YOU THAT HAS BEEN STRUCK WITH THIS UNFORTUNATE ILLNESS THERE'S NO OTHER WAY TO LIST THIS. MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL YOU , I'M 59 AND STILL GOING

I had palsy after a major brain op. My face on the Left hand side was completely slumped, and I could not fully close one eye or cry.

I did lots of things to stimulate my facial nerves & muscles. Some are self invented like gently slapping my face in traffic jams or trying to blink while lying down in bed.

In addition I went to a Chinese medical practitioner [A Yorkshireman but trained in China] he used acupuncture and moxibustion. I had tried the electronic pads to stimulate the muscles but preferred the acupuncture. I felt that the acupuncture was so exact, it really felt he was hitting the bulls eye each time. [If he was off target he usually sensed it and asked me then tried again] I never felt a thing - it felt like he was tapping my face. [ I never looked]

For my eye I had two kinds of drops - a gooey one at night and a runny one for the day in cold or windy weather. I used micropore to tape it shut at night. Do not worry when you take it off in the morning it does not peel off your eyelashes!

End result I feel a lot better in myself and made a good recovery. [in my mind]

The important point was I stayed positive. I got very little follow up about the palsy, so inventing my procedures gave me a sense of actively doing something to get better. I never sat back and waited for it to happen. My two daughters, wife and dog gave me no choice.

Whatever you do, believe it is going to improve. If you do not have hope then it is hopeless. Everyone is different, you just need to keep trying till you find what helps you, never give up. [I still slap my face in traffic jams]


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Mambers in reply to Seeujimmy

Slapping your face ha ha ! I think whatever works is good!! I think I’ll try it. Doc has told me to do nothing for 2 weeks.

I’ve booked some reflexology to try and relax and I’m determined to get back to work but at the moment I’m too tired.

I can’t wait till I can smile again and I do live in hope that it’s very soon.

Thank you for telling me your road to recovery

My daughters laughed because the passengers in an adjoining bus were staring at my face slapping. I did not describe moxibustion then you really would laugh! It sounds so bizarre to western ears, but I really enjoyed it and thought it worked...........for me.

I was very tired after the op.

My Chinese medical practitioner had asked me a lot of "odd" questions that seemed totally unrelated to my facial palsy. That is because they take a holistic view - the whole person. That is why he asked me to take off a sock............ Phew I had cleaned my feet! I was not expecting this - it is my face I am in about. He needled between my toes and heh presto I suddenly had more energy, I slunk to the clinic, and while I did not sprint out I felt more full of energy than any time since the op. Like a light switch - but it might not be you or appropriate for you. Everyone is different

Have you started on your road to recovery? It starts in you and the sooner you start, the sooner you will move on. No choice on the route to take. Norman

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Mambers in reply to Seeujimmy

I’m not sure if I’m recovering yet to be honest. My taste is back and my eye feels less watery so I guess they are good signs.

It’s too early for any other treatment so I just have to keep hoping for an improvement everyday.

A physio told me it’s 50 50 but what does she know. I’m so determined to get my smile back and be able to go back to work.

It’s good to chat

Hey Members, how are you doing? Assuming today is day 18 or something like that? Have you seen any more improvements?

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Mambers in reply to Amy9713

Hi Amy, I’m in Day 19 now. I can nearly do a full smile, I can raise my eyebrows and my face is looking more normal. My eye still doesn’t close or blink properly but I’m getting there. It has however brought my anxiety back so I’m now battling with that. Onwards and upwards. How are you, any changes or improvements? Xx

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Amy9713 in reply to Mambers

Hey, day 16 for me. Woop for the raising of eyebrows and nearly full smile! That's amazing.

Sadly I've had no real improvement yet. My eye can nearly close if i focus on it really hard, but it doesn't blink.

I've been battling with my anxiety a fair bit since getting bp but I'm trying to not let it win. Easier said than done though.

Hopefully you will begin to see more of an improvement in the next few days! :)

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Mambers in reply to Amy9713

Hi Amy, you seem to have had a really bad time of it. I think your palsy is worse than mine tbh. I still don’t feel right and today I’m back at work. I think another 2 weeks before I’m closer to normal. I absolutely HATE Bells Palsy! Lolx

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Amy9713 in reply to Mambers

Hope your day back at work is going alright. I'm still working which some days is easier than others. I so agree with hating bells palsy!

I'm unsure if mine is worse it might just be I'm not resting as much etc. But I'll get there as will you. I'm reading a lot about how important it is to rest so I'm thinking i may look at being signed off work to recover. X

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Mambers in reply to Amy9713

Rest is THE most important thing. Keep me posted x

I was diagnosed in early December and am maybe 90% better. Not having ever had this condition before, I really don’t have anything to compare against. BUT, I started acupuncture right away. I REALLY feel as though this helped.

Also-relax, as much as you possibly can.

My brother gave me some CBD gummies, because I just couldn’t shake the scared, anxiety. They really helped me chill out. And rest.

As others have said, rest and relaxation are the key. Your nerves need time to repair and it really zaps your energy levels. Stress only hampers recovery times. I found videos of facial massages you can do and did these several times a day using nice relaxing oils and warm water. This helps manage the pain too. Other than that it's just patience unfortunately. I kept a diary of the changes every day and it really helped to track the improvement. Hope you recover soon x

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