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Diagnosed with Bells one week ago - -advice for visiting go today

I was diagnosed last week. But the go took no bloods despite me saying I’d been in contact with Chicken Pox and I worked in a school. I had been run down with other Upper respiratory infections from Feb and cracked ribs coughing. I’m concerned I was just given prednisolone and not Antivirals. The doctor said they don’t prescribe them. I’ve developed a worse neck pain and swelling over the week under and around ear and sensitive hearing that side. I can’t sleep at all. The doctor basically left it up to me if I went to work or not. I took this week off and I’m asking for more time as I’m in pain and I want to make sure I have the best chance of recovery. If I go to work, I will be straight into a highly stressed situation as I’m in front of pupils on my own and doing two peoples jobs over two sites since cuts. This situation has invariably contributed. I can’t close one eye and have complete paralysis one side. I can’t speak properly. Any advice???

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Sorry to hear you have bells, I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago but luckily I was better after 2 weeks, the doctor should of gave you antivirals, I would go back and see another doctor, you need to rest as much as possible as it helps with the recovery

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Hi. It sounds as if you are very worried. Suze 40 is right that you need to rest as much as possible and go back to the doctor. Ask him/her to check in your ears and inside your mouth as I'm guessing that you are wondering whether you have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Whether you have or not, if you have more pain than you can cope with, you should go back for another consultation.


I’ve been back to the doctors twice now. Had bloods taken but it showed that I had antibodies and it didn’t indicate if recent or past. But I do have high blood pressure which is very unusual for me. It was taken again after coming off the steroids and still high. I go back Monday again but I don’t think the go will let me have more time off. I did cold turkey coming off the steroids. No tapering off. They should really state that in nice guidelines rather than giving gps the option. No change in face yet. Still pain in face and neck and headache. Thanks for advice so far. I’ve been reading all comments on others questions too which are most helpful.


I am 14 years out of BP. I worked at a school as well and was exposed to chicken pox before I had symptoms. A co worker came down with BP six months after me & was exposed to the same child. No one thought anything of this but we thoutght it was weird. I took anti virals and they made me have a brain MRI as well as blood work. I also took prednisone. I would say I’m 80% back to where I was. I just started Botox and it really evened out my mouth as my left side of my mouth never fully recovered. I also still do cranial sacral massage which relaxes the muscles. I have chosen not to get shingles vaccination as I’m deathly afraid of a flare up. I wish you the best of luck. Be your own advocate!!

Go to a different doctor if you’re not comfortable with the one you’re seeing.

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