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Post surgery complications - leg is numb

Hi everyone

Last month I had the second stage of the two step reanimation surgery and had the free gracilis (muscle) transfer surgery from my leg to my face. Rhe operation went well and my consultant is very happy. If she is happy then I am too. I'm now just waiting for the swelling to go down now and my face to return to normal (any feedback on how long this takes? My effected side of the face is still very "full" with the area around where the muscle was grafted very swollen). Will it go back to how it was?

My issue is kind of secondary but still niggling. Because the operation takes so long (12 hours) when I woke up my ankle was in agony. I was told that was because my leg was immobile for so long. It's the leg they took the nerve from last year. Anyway, since then when I try and sleep I get pins and needles and shooting nerve pain in that foot that keeps me awake. Anyone have any similar reaction? Wondering how long it lasts?


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