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Referral advice

Hi, I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Bell's palsy, then a week into symptoms my GP determined I had herpes zoster, although he says this is not Ramsay Hunt syndrome as I did not have all of the symptoms - vertigo, hearing loss etc.

He has agreed to refer me, but I now need to find someone that has experience of Bell's palsy, which is not easy as a layman.

Does anyone have any recommendations. I'm based in Northants, but would be willing to travel.


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Hello, I've sent you an email this morning, hope this helps!

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Hi Karen,

Could you advise me too please? I've been diagnosed with Ramsey hunt and finding it really hard to locate a specialist for referral for the bells palsy. I live in Surrey. Can you help please?




I've messaged you just now Orla.


HI Karen is the the person who can give you the best advice you're in good hands , hope you get the correct referral and a treatment plan,,, good luck x

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