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Swollen Glands

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced swollen glands with Bells Palsy or Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt about 2 weeks ago and have been focussing on recovering from this. However this week I woke up with really swollen glands on the side of my face that is effected with the paralysis. I was prescribed antibiotics by my GP but wanted to know if developing swollen glands is a relatively normal part of Bells or Ramsay Hunt and if others have experienced this.

I am looking to meet with my consultant this week to get a bit more information and assessment but any feedback you can give me from your experiences will be a great help for me trying to understand where I am with my condition.



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you may need antivirals from your GP


Yeah I've complete my course of antiviral but developed the swollen glands while on the tablets. I have been prescribed antibiotics as well as the antiviral and steroid tablets so taking quite a few pills at the moment.

Just want to find out if swollen glands is pretty common with RHS of Bells? Seeing my consultant on Wednesday so hopefully know more then.

Allan x


Hi Allan, my right cheek is painful as well as my neck and ear. Glands are a bit tender too...


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