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new sufferer needing advice on my normal keep fit routine

I have just been stricken down with Bell's Palsy. I am on day 5..Managed to get steroids and anti virals in the first 24 hours. I felt my symptoms worsened in the first 72 hours. I am now experiencing pins and needles in both cheeks even though the paralysis is on the right side only. I can drink without spilling but it is difficult. The right eye closes if i blink slowly so having to use eye drops and tape it down at night. The next morning the eye lid is swollen.

before i was stricken, i would use my turbo trainer, and go swimming. I have stopped doing this incase it impedes my recovery, as I have read that rest is important. Is it okay to still do light exercise? My Dr said to go about my life as normal.

I am trying to be positive. I work as room leader in a nursery and i tell every customer and the children what is wrong with me. They are supportive and it avoids any embarrasment on both parts.

I still look in the mirror even though it is painful to see. I just keep telling myself that I will recover and that there are people out there that are worse off than me. Yes I have occassional tears but remaining strong and possitive is my priority.

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Hi Kissylips

I am so sorry to learn of your sufferings, I sympathise heartedly with you as I have been in similar situation. Please please leave the exercise to a later date, I too had been exercising very hard when I was struck with Bell's palsy my body was at a vulnerable low point. The key secret to a COMPLETE recovery is rest, I was lucky that I was able to take 4 months off, my husband really nursed me back with lots of healthy food, fruit and veg and gentle facial massage while taking things easy. It's been now 6 years and I have not completely regain my facial symmetry but I have come to terms with looking different and still looking for ways to improve my condition. However philosophical we are at the end of the day you don't escape the reflection from the mirror. You should try the Facial Paralysis UK website, the support and advice has been wonderful. See you doctor for followup treatment that is on offer, Botox, face therapy and eye clinic, do not let yourself be fobbed off by you will have to live with it, there is help and support available. If you are still bent on your exercise regime you can go for long walks but keep your face warm, it will be a good time to meditate while you are walking on the threadmill. there is also the health unlocked Bell's palsy site for support. Hope you will find some comfort and I wish you all the best. Keep positive and keep your morale high, it is your inner strength that will help in your recovery...best wishes for a full recovery.


Hello, remember it is very early days and not to panic. Try to take it easy and not put too much stress on your body, rest is important. It's important not to try to do facial exercises, gentle massage is okay though. It is normal for recovery to take several weeks so try not to worry. You've received appropriate medical treatment in good time which should reassure you. Make sure you look after your eye, which it sounds like you are doing. Hope you feel much better soon!


Hi Kissylips, 

I'm on Day 5, and have gone thorough a similar frustration with my physical routine. I terribly miss my bike and swimming especially in this spring weather. Damn timining.  Damn BP.  Safety and rest ....not when that's the last thing one would ever think to do, its knocking me out with frustration. 

Okay on a positive - I started yoga, which has been good, for calming my breathing and understanding how to really meditate. Especially when I uncontrollablly want to cry, because I've just smiled at someone who is not seeing a smile but a dodgy look. They then show empathy which again annoys me, I thank them the leave to settle the tears. Never enough tissues without out the friggin fibres. I think I should invest in a silk handerchief. 

Any how, I would like to know how you're getting on?  Every day I wake up I'm become instantly frustrated as both sides of the information I'm both researching and being told is random and limited. Reading through some of these personal responses is both helping and allowing me to settle in for this shocking journey. Rather than thinking it will magically disappear just as it appeared. 

I'm all about being unique, optimistic and a lively soul. But not knowing how to cope with BP is killing me softly. Yes I'm possibly leaning a better way of patience.  And yes we all have a bundle to strength and positive energy. But i keep loosing mine with frustration on understanding how to operate again. Okay I'm having a dip...I'll pick myself up after this rant and try and sleep on the crazy does of steroids and questions and personal thoughts. 

If anyone is going through these early stages or remembers this first week stage please help me and tell me how do you not cry. Where do you take yourself/your mind...when someone ask you 'the question' of what happen to you? I feel like writing Q-cards and handing them out so I tame the emotional lazy BP face. I've seen some youtube videos, some have been helpful.

Best wishes to all BP 'patience'



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