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third time bell palsy

hi all, my name is fabio i live in london i have had my third bell palsy last december previously i had it in 1984 then again in 2004 where in both cases i made a good recovery even if the second time took quite a long time to adjust properly but i was able to blink my eye within 10 weeks.unfortunately this time it seems to be a lot more stubborn i have had a few acupunture sessions and i have seen two neurologist who seem to be very good to give you a full lesson on bell palsy but unable to offer concrete solutions but i also know that this is the case for most of us

i read on various forums that there are other kind of help that we can get throughout the country and i would be very grateful if any of you could suggest some specialised people who have good experience with this condition like acupuncturists and physiotherapist here in london is very difficult to find people with large experience they all know about it and all promise results but so far i have spent lots of money and not seen what i hoped for

i would also be interested to know if there are others who have had a similar experience to mine and if having had bell palsy three times makes our odds for recovery more difficult

in the meantime i wish all who are going through this illness a full recovery

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Hi Fabio, it might be worth joining the Facebook support group Courage to Smile , there are a few people on there who have had Bell's palsy several times. Facial Palsy UK are trying to get a support group set up in London but this is still in the planning stages. When this is established it will give people with facial palsy more opportunity to share the kind of information you would like to find out about. I will contact the therapist who is planning to set up this group and see if there is any progress and let you know.


that is great thank you very much


I truly suggest that you try and get a Slendertone Facial toner ( or similar). I truly believe it helped my recovery in a very major way. It kept the muscle tone when the nerve wasn't working, it built my self esteem and it's similar to the thing used by the physio. You will find its he bet best investment you'll ever make.


Selective neurolysis is an advanced treatment option for those who suffer from partial-facial paralysis due to Bell’s palsy. You can learn more about it here:


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