Newly diagnosed with eosinophilic oesophagitis.

I have had problems with eating all my life. I have never been listened to until this year. I am now 50 years old and it's only because I have been debilitated by painful swallowing that has gotten worse year on year and I said no more to antacids and proton pump inhibitors because they made no difference, that I am finally getting somewhere.

I have suggested many times that I actually have food allergies. I have often had adverse reactions to foods, medications and everyday household items. No one believed me, until a couple of years ago I was covered in hives, head to toe!

Now, perhaps, I will get the help I need to get well, whatever that might feel like. I can't remember a time when I actually didn't feel ill, tired out or in some sort of discomfort or pain. This is my 'normal'! Still got a long way to go, but I think I'm going in the right direction now.

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Hi. I can empathise with your story. I have had swallowing problems and throat pain since I was a teenager. I was given omeprazole for reflux and the when this didn't work it was assumed to be an anxiety related condition and I was given medication for this. This lasted for 15 years until it got to the point I could only swallow purees - baby food. Luckily, my employer started offering private medical insurance so I went private and got EoE finally diagnosed after an endoscopy with biopsy. Unfortunately the insurance didn't cover EoE but the private Gastro doc recommended a steriods inhaler (to be swallowed) and by NHS GP now provides this. The steriods only improved things 25% though so I had to read up and now follow the 6 Food Elimination Diet. You basically cut out 6 food groups (wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and fish) then introduce 1 back at a time. Whatever sets off your symptoms again is to be avoided for life. Unfortunately I reacted to all 6 so I follow a strict diet but I can actually eat solids again without choking or getting a blockage. Plus my diet is so much healthier now I have to cook everything myself and not eat processed food. It was a big change in my life for sure and sometimes it is hard (and expensive!) But I feel I can managet my condition now and not have to worry at mealtimes.I also feel a bit vindicated in terms of my previous anxiety diagnosis - it wasn't just in my mind! I would advise you to read up on EoE as much as possible as GP's tend not to know much about it. There is life after diagnosis!