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update on meds for erythromelalgia

I posted on here a few weeks ago about my diagnosis of erythromelalgia. Well things have changed a bit and I thought I would tell you what has happened. The consultant recommended that I start on nebivolol and change my antidepressant from Paroxetine to Duloxetine as this is known to help some people. Well I didn't really want to add more medication but tried the Nebivolol for 1 week. I the felt a bit odd on this and stopped taking it. I have cut down the Paroxetine by half and was going to keep reducing over a few weeks with a view to changing to Duloxetine. During this week I have been taking high dose vitamin B12 as this was recommended on various websites. I also removed all nail polish fro feet and have left it off. I am rubbing oils into toes to moisturise as my toes and nails are very dry. Now for some bizarre reason I have had 2 completely pain free nights!! Could it be one thing that has helped or a combination of all 3 things? I have absolutely no idea but I am amazed at the difference this has made. Does anyone have any ideas? Very happy for now but will see if the improvement continues. Dee

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hi doris59

just read your post ,did the b12 resolve the issue or are you still struggling ?

is it primary or secondary ?

I to have had this problem in my hands and feet and occasionally in my legs and arms ..