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Urinary frequency

Hi my almost 4 year old about 2 no the ago became constipated.. .and was prescribed movicol. But as a result of the urinary retention and constipation he got a urine infection. (E coli)..this cleared and urine now clear. He remains on movicol but is also having to wee every 5 minutes...we have seem the gp...and advised to continue laxatives...his diet is great, he is active and drinks plenty. He is dry at night it's just daytime frequency. He does have hydrocephalus also with shunt..but this is generally not problematic. Anyone got any suggestions?

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I'm afraid I don't have any great experience with this particular problem, but a couple of things I would check based on my son's experience is that my son definitely wee's a lot more when he is constipated, also do you get your son to double void? (after he has been on the toilet make him wait 30 seconds and then try again). It might just help to empty his bladder properly in case that is the problem.

Sorry I can't help more specifically, good luck.

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