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Soaked night time nappy in nearly eight year old boy

Need some advice. Son has FAP which means he has a permanent tummy ache and has problems knowing when he needs a wee. Daytime mistakes are low unless distracted. Night time nappy is always full and sometimes leaks. No medication as not discussed with GP yet due to his tummy issues and strong reflux.

Have increased fluids during the day. Encourage toilet stops during the day. Trying to reduce night time drinking but water helps his tummy pain. Brushing teeth earlier and encouraging toilet stop before pyjamas put on. I don't wake him at night or dream wee as I don't believe this helps. If bed wet from nappy I simply change it as I don't expect my son too and don't think he would learn from this. He is not bothered by the nappy or wetting.

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Managed to reduce night time drinking to around 200mls which I know is still high but a vast improvement over the amount he was drinking. Nappy had popped so have bought some size 7 plus nappies on ebay.


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