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First time posting

Our little boy (3) tried potty training in December, had one hard poo and withheld ever since. We had to give up the potty training and put him in pull ups and he was very resistant to potty training since and still withholding in pull ups

When he turned three 15th July we decided on a weekend and got him involved in throwing all the nappies away and he was excited to try the potty training. After 2 accidents he is now weeing successfully in the potty every time. During the first few days he was getting the overflow again of poo and we decided to just go for it and do the disempaction regime (messy yes in pants!). We are on day 4 and it's going well but now we are Starting to think about reducing it I am still baffled how we get him to poo normally on the potty? He is getting distressed every time he poos now on the regime so I just know he will go straight back to withholding? Any tips?

We have tried every bribe imaginable, nothing works? We have even tried prizes for just sitting in the toilet and he eventually got bored of that

For the first time I feel like we are making progress with the wee's and the potty training and I just can't get him to relax or even sit on the toilet (he wee's standing up) :(

Any advice greatly appreciated



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We started with prizes for sitting and praise for recognising ours needed a poo before it came out ... whether in the potty or pull up! We also kept the maintaining dose fairly high till all links between poo and pain were more or less in the past - messy, but then when we went from fluffy mousse poo to soft sausage she was fearless of the potty.

We noticed she pooed at certain times and would set up a routine around those times too.


That's great thanks we are starting to drop the dose as per the plan tomorrow so maybe we keep him at the slightly reduced 4 sachets a day for a little while to see how he gets on instead of dropping down to the 2 on Saturday

Also someone else said they started to reward everyone else in the house for doing poos which got the message through so may start that as well

Many thanks


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Blowing bubbles while sitting worked well for us as a distraction when he was younger and it helps relax the bowls too. Make it a competition between the both of you.


So we are one and a half weeks in and William has been doing wee's at nursery but the movicol is still making him poo constantly in his pants and his bottom is so sore it's awful! He has been on one sachet now for 2 days but still no sign of slowing down? What do we do next?



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