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Anyone hear if a penis pump called Vacurect? And a website called touchy subject? Victoria Cullen? What’s the scoop? Any good ?

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Thats the pump my partner and I were looking into. I haven't actually found a stockist for it yet. We are in Scotland and the places I have found are American companies. There is a great YouTube video where a guy reviews it. Its worth a look.

Otherwise I can't help you. Sorry.

I have a similar pump from a company called Encore. They both work the same. You pump your penis to full erection then roll a ring off the pump onto the base of your penis. The ring keeps the blood in your penis and you are good to go. They say not to leave the ring on for more than 30 minutes.

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What is the longest time you have left the ring on for?

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20 to 30 minutes.

We are currently using the Vacurect and have had good success with it. Had a RP 16 months ago. Also, taking 5mg tadalafil daily and feel that also helps, but need the Vacurect or an injection to penetrate.

Victoria Cullens has a YouTube channel on Erectile Dysfunction and related topics. I've found some of these videos helpful.

Ive tried it, but it once the rubber ring is on and choking the shaft, the sensations are drastically reduced. Have tried a couple different sizes.

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