Any idea of what is the best nutritional supplement or vitamin supplement for a chronic epileptic????

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  • Hi - Omega 3 is a good supplement.

  • This might not be the best nutritional or vitamin, but might help. I'm sure you know about the Tissue Salts people today use.Well no12 (Silica) might help. If you have another problem along with your epilepsy it will be good to read about Tissue Salts and then use Tissue Salt no 12 along with another Tissue Salt. I every day use Tissue Salt no 12 + 6. Tissue Salt no 12 for my epilepsy and Tissue Salt no 6 for anxiety.

    Tissue Salt no 12 might just help more, but it cannot replace your medications. Use this salt with your medications

  • Omega 3 is said to be a good suppliment.

  • I am very interested in this one as well. About 14 years ago, they used to give me Epilim with Vit B Co. So, I was asking the same question lately, I have decided to take Omega 3&6 caps myself.