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Brain Hospital-Channel 5 29/01/13 10pm

Hi all,

for those in the uk, a programe filmed at The walton Centre in Liverpool last year is to be broadcast on Tuesday 29th January at 10pm Channel 5, this is the first of four programes.My wife and myself were filmed (not sure if this footage was used though) as epilepsy is covered.

The programe is called Brain Hospital.

here's the trailer



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Hello Paul, I have watched 3 episodes, what a brilliant series. I found it thoroughly remarkable, especially the surgery where the patient has to be woken up to make sure they don`t lose their speech. The Irish lady stood out although all the patients are really brave, the young girl I felt sorry for she is so young.

I personally suffer from Grand Mal Seizures, some I get a warning some I don`t it`s the one`s with no warning are the more damaging, I have broken my front teeth, fractured my jaw and many more, the recent being my elbow was cut to the bone it was horrendous pain, I was totally unaware for at least 2hrs it takes me that long to come round properly, I personally detest the incontinence. Your wife is very lucky to have a husband like yourself, it must be very hard on you but mostly very upsetting I would think, I have my Grand Daughter I have brought up from birth she is now 13yrs old, I am also lucky to have her. I does not run in my family it was the shock of my mum dying that brought it on for me. The brain can be a very fickle thing. I am finding this ESA business very stressful which also does not help it seems to be a lucky dip, what a mess !! How did your wife get on at the hospital? I do hope they gave you some good news.

Kind Regards,

Wendy x x


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