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Trying to understand

Hi there. I'm new to all this. I've been diagnosed with epilepsy a few months ago. I've had 3 grand mals in 3 months. I'm on 500 create epilizine twice a day.

Why do your body feel like it's been run over by a train afterwards?

There are also times when I feel like I'm spaced out or not just in my body. I wait for an attack but then it just stops. If anyone can explain i would really appreciate it. Sry if I don't make sense. Thanks in advance

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Hi ya Samantha,I've got to say after a full on T.C I feel totaly drained hurt everywhere possible and need to sleep.

My Neuro when I told him this replied " yes it's on par with running a marathon"

The spaced out feeling is likely to be an S.P (Petie Mall) with these in my case It usually leads to a run of S.P's that lead to a T.C (grand mall).Hope this helps Jim.