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Curious if related


My husband has nocturnal epilepsy occured at the age 18 and takes the epilepsy meds, he hasn't had a seizure for over 10 years. I have however noticed lately he is waking with the alarm clockbut instead of switching it off he is sitting on the edge of the bed staring into nothing not aware of the alarm or anything around him its only for moments. Or sometimes he wakes and carries on a conversation from his dream, totally convinced I should know what he is on about.

He is under a lot of stress at the moment so I am inclined to think it is due to this but its more the zoning out he keeps doing that is worrying me slightly. ( Its not him ignoring me :-s lol )

Any thoughts?

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Hi, what kind of seizures was he having before? I can't be certain, I'm not a doctor, but my husband used to have complex partial seizures and he used to do kind of strange things like that. Not to say that's the case. Could be sleep related. If he hasn't seen the specialist for a while it could help to go back and ask about it perhaps? Hope that helps.

Basically, there are some types of seizures like complex partials, where they aren't aware of their surroundings/out of it, at least somewhat and they may do or say strange stuff or stare off and usually forget about it later. There's also sleep related conditions or confusional arousals. I don't know much about that though. Hopefully it's nothing too bad. <3