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Private Ambulatory EEG in the UK

Hello, recently my 18 month old son with Cerebral Palsy has been having Epilepsy type symptoms. He has had an EEG to try and diagnose. Typically within the hour he did not show the symptoms. It seems to me that we need a scan over a longer period like a whole day. Ive been reading around and came across Ambulatory EEGs. Do you know if this is suitable for 18 month olds and if anywhere in the UK does them privately (we have private medical insurance)?

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Hi there, im not sure if anyone does them privately but having just had one done myself i just wanted to warn you of the difference in the bonding adhesive they use. As its for a longer period they use a glue which takes days to get off the hair afterwards - Im now 2 wks post eeg and still finding it! You have to use nail varnish remover to get it off the head.

Anyway i just wanted to let you know its pretty harsh on the head!

Good luck x


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