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Peace Shattered

Last autumn I suffered a blow when it was revealed to me that the strange sensations I had suffered on a few occasions over the last few years were actually Partial Seizures. I had been enjoying the new person my Temporal Lobe surgery made me back in 1983. It had been some effort finding my first job: I actually took twelve and a half years after leaving school to find someone who had any faith in me. Thankfully those years are history due to the modern Equality Laws, and to demonstrate that my employers, after hearing the news from me about epileptic symptoms returning, have been quick to ensure I am OK. Some tasks I have been left out from doing, mainly because of the memory problems my surgery left me with, but to the other extent there are other tasks I will perform more than my colleagues, and at the end of the day things balance out. I hope this will demonstrate that with an understanding employer we can contribute too.

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So glad to hear the above. Having an understanding employer is a great criteria in the job world... I will never forget my previous employers who accepted me with my epilepsy, no matter how bad the seizures were. If only more employers could learn a lesson and treat others with epilepsy the same!


Totally agree, I feel lucky to have the employers I do. Not only do they allow me time should I have waking myoclonus to get myself safe and not have to worry about work, but they are genuinely interested and have given me time in our staff meetings o talk about Epilepsy. My colleagues too. It's never nice when even the slightest part of the Epilepsy shows itself, but again my bosses understand that it is as much a part of me as my eyes, my arms, my legs and everything else. More awareness in the workplace is needed. I am sorry to hear that one of the Epilepsy has surfaced in you, though I am glad to read you feel supported and that is the key to staying confident.. Best wishes to you my friend


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