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Change in seizure

Has anyone had changes in seizures that are really strange that stop your day completely?

I’m used to my fits changing but this is strange I’ve been getting up and just want to go back to sleep, I wake up 2.17 am yes I look at the time 😂 and I’m ready to start my day but I don’t get up I know that would be the worse thing to do , this has gone on for 3 days I am exhausted Saturday I realised why I started jumping felt fine when I woke got out of bed bam jumping uncontrollably new if I went out I would have a seizure so I couldn’t take my little boy to his swimming lesson then 2hours later it stopped. Again this morning I’m fine I try and get dressed I fall my little boy can’t go out 2hours in I’m cold but not jumping any ideas what is going on these fits are strange,


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