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Epilepsy, frustrations, poem.


I have posted a couple of my poems on here, relating to my epilepsy and a few people related and understood what I had written, which made me feel not so alone in this condition. Again I had another shitty day and night with seizures and the pen took over. My latest poem.

'Wrote another poem tonight, after a shit night and day with seizures. I haven't captured half as much as I wanted to, but I wrote this as an expressive way to deal with my anger. Not my best work, but I feel a shit ton better for writing it and getting it off my chest 👍👌

'Kneel to me'.

So today I have had,

The most extreme de ja vu.

Hanging... Waiting...

Expecting from you.

My brain starts to fail,

In this horrible state.

My mind is a blur,

Whilst my brains in debate.

My brain to my body,

"Are we ready to fit?".

In reply, "I don't think so,

I want to enjoy every bit".

As I sit here in limbo,

Not knowing what's real,

I NEED this to be over,

But instead I just kneel.

Nicole. ™️

Kneeling might feel like giving in and giving up but believe me, I won't. 💪✌️👌

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Get those boxing gloves on and tell that dam fit that you and Bryan the punch bag won’t be his punch bag today,

Lj x

Nicole1 in reply to Lj08

Thankyou ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ xxx

You have real talent 👍 and keep fighting never give up 😄

My GP tried me to accept it but I wouldn’t saw my specialist & neurologist, after a few years of changing drugs think I might at last found the right drugs, but never assume it’s can always be lurking there!! 😄

Love reading your poetry Nicole1 😄❤️. Take care X SJ

Nicole1 in reply to SJClaverley

Thankyou so much ❤️❤️❤️ that means the world to me, honestly. Xxx

I also write poems about epilepsy and write new airs for songs. Would you like to see some of my attempts?

Nicole1 in reply to rustypen31

Yeh x

Yes please 😄👍


Lovely Nicole... I've had epilepsy for 45 years and won't quit!

Nicole1 in reply to Hidden

Love that attitude ♥️♥️♥️ I'm ten years this year, since being diagnosed, but no way am I ever going to stop fighting this 💪💪💪 #epilepsywarriors 👌 xxx

Hi Nicole,

Hope all's well. Love the poem. You've expressed some of my experiences so well, though my seizures have been controlled for a few years now.

I just came across your poem by chance, I want to do an art project and I'm looking for other creative people to collaborate with (just posted about it) and put together a shared project, hopefully an exhibition, to share their experiences of epilepsy, and especially of their seizures.

Would you be interested?

WR John

Nicole1 in reply to Johnwonn

Absolutely, where are you based? X

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