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Epilepsy, frustrations, poem.

I have posted a couple of my poems on here, relating to my epilepsy and a few people related and understood what I had written, which made me feel not so alone in this condition. Again I had another shitty day and night with seizures and the pen took over. My latest poem.

'Wrote another poem tonight, after a shit night and day with seizures. I haven't captured half as much as I wanted to, but I wrote this as an expressive way to deal with my anger. Not my best work, but I feel a shit ton better for writing it and getting it off my chest 👍👌

'Kneel to me'.

So today I have had,

The most extreme de ja vu.

Hanging... Waiting...

Expecting from you.

My brain starts to fail,

In this horrible state.

My mind is a blur,

Whilst my brains in debate.

My brain to my body,

"Are we ready to fit?".

In reply, "I don't think so,

I want to enjoy every bit".

As I sit here in limbo,

Not knowing what's real,

I NEED this to be over,

But instead I just kneel.

Nicole. ™️

Kneeling might feel like giving in and giving up but believe me, I won't. 💪✌️👌

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Get those boxing gloves on and tell that dam fit that you and Bryan the punch bag won’t be his punch bag today,

Lj x


Thankyou ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ xxx


You have real talent 👍 and keep fighting never give up 😄

My GP tried me to accept it but I wouldn’t saw my specialist & neurologist, after a few years of changing drugs think I might at last found the right drugs, but never assume it’s can always be lurking there!! 😄

Love reading your poetry Nicole1 😄❤️. Take care X SJ

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Thankyou so much ❤️❤️❤️ that means the world to me, honestly. Xxx

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I also write poems about epilepsy and write new airs for songs. Would you like to see some of my attempts?


Yeh x


Yes please 😄👍


Lovely Nicole... I've had epilepsy for 45 years and won't quit!

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Love that attitude ♥️♥️♥️ I'm ten years this year, since being diagnosed, but no way am I ever going to stop fighting this 💪💪💪 #epilepsywarriors 👌 xxx


Hi Nicole,

Hope all's well. Love the poem. You've expressed some of my experiences so well, though my seizures have been controlled for a few years now.

I just came across your poem by chance, I want to do an art project and I'm looking for other creative people to collaborate with (just posted about it) and put together a shared project, hopefully an exhibition, to share their experiences of epilepsy, and especially of their seizures.

Would you be interested?

WR John

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Absolutely, where are you based? X


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