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My grandaughter is 6 months old. There were some complications during birth which resulted in her having a series of small stokes in the first few hours of her birth. We were told this could possibly result in her developing cerebral palsy or possibly epilepsy. Her development so far has been fabulous and she has reached all the usual mile stones. My concerns are that she tends not to bare weight on her legs too much but this has slightly improved. My worry at the moment is that she has little "episodes". Sometimes her arms go rigid and she stiffens up just very briefly or becomes fleetingly vacant, today she was sitting playing when she just suddenly froze just very briefly perhaps 5 seconds until I touched her and said her name. It was like I broke the spell she got such a fright and was very distressed. Am I looking for something that is not there? Or should I be worried. My daughter is very fretful and likes to bury her head in the sand I'm concerned if we ignore it then this might damage her. Any advice or similar experience?

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With respect this a very convuluted series of questions, which need the experience of a specialist. Please request an appointment via your GP to see a specialist.

Here’s wishing you all well


Obviously we have made an appointment to see a professional, my convuluted message as you refer to it was to simply find out if anyone had any similar experiences. Can I also add when someone starts a sentence with "with respect" it is usually quite the opposite.


My friends little boy had similar episodes as a toddler, he was later diagnosed with epilepsy, he used to go stiff, be vacant and get a blueish tinge around his lips


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