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I have had 11 episodes treated for TIA. Last episode diagnosis as seizure. Neg EEG and MRI. Amb EEG neg. This all started 4-20-15. Currently I am taking 700mg Neurontin and 50mg of Lamuctal no incidence since 5-17. I really wanted to address the issue of blocks of memory lost. NO really important long lost but after my second apparent seizure I lost memory of about 3yrs. Complete lost of 2 Europe and Alaska trips and other effects in that time frame. Never to return. Since my last event my memory seems to be intact. Short term memory lost I address to age. I'M 82yr old. It seems that they think the stroke then became seizures. I like to hear about medications and durations between episodes. I think this whole things happen when I was under a lot of stress. Thank you for listening

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Transient Ischeamic attack (TIA) as you know are mini strokes which cause a temporary disruption of the blood flow to the brain.

You speak of all the tests coming back as negative, but you don’t state that you have ever be assessed by a neurologist. When one speaks about seizures this is always associated with epilepsy.

The two drugs that you mention like most other drugs also have dual uses.

I would advise you to speak your doctor about your health and ask them to clarify why they have prescribed these two medications for you. Remember that if you not been diagnosed by a neurologist as having epilepsy, then you do not have epilepsy.

I hope that this has helped you.




I do have an neurologist. Was on the Neurontin for anxiety and neuropathy at 700mg qd. with my GP. Neurologist started me on the Lamictal at initial dosage of 25mg x 2 wk then to increase to 50 X 2 wk. Well I had no seizure during that time so I just stay at 50mg qd. Next visit to my neurologist she said just stay where I'm at since I had not had a seizure in over 3 mo and we will see what occurs. The two drugs together seem to be working. I guess we will wait and see.

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I wish you well


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