Embrace watch

Embrace watch

My seizure alert watch finally arrived yesterday! We donated money to the crowdfunding for development so have been waiting nearly 2 years for the watch to arrive!!

It's still at the clinical trial stage, so not an approved medical device yet, but the idea is that hopefully it will pick up electrical signals in the skin before a seizure starts and if that fails it picks up the jerking movements associated with a seizure. It will alert me, and via an app on my phone send an alert to my husband's phone :)

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  • Hi there,

    That's such a fab idea - I've been looking for a watch for ages, and this is the sign of one I actually need!

    Many thanks x

  • That's very clever, hope it works for you 😀

  • hi that's amazing, may I ask how you got the ball rolling to purchase one. I really hope this works for you...Lisa

  • Like I said, we donated to the original crowdfunding campaign online when it was first in development a couple of years ago. However, if you search for embrace empatica I'm sure you'll find out about how to buy one now. I imagine there will still be a bit of a delay as they are still catching up with all the early orders.

    In bad news, I had two seizures this week. In good news, my watch detected one of them! (It didn't detect the other because it wasn't connected via Bluetooth to my phone at the time, which it needs to be) I have also only had one false alarm so far.