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Some help

Hi all,im new to all this so this might be a bit of a script,but I'm at my wits end. About 2 years ago I started to get a black shutter over my left eye and floating dots I just put it down to stress but I then started to get numbness in my fingertips on my right hand this progressed to numbness in my face,part of my back and leg and arm followed by uncontrollable jerking,after a number of MRI,CT,PET SCANS I've now been diagnosed with having a number of mini strokes and focal epilepsy and a number of blocked arteries so I've been put on so far clopidogrel 75mg blood thinners also I'm on lamotrigine 200mg per day I'm still having a number of seizures a day I'm due to see my GP to get the dose put up. I would really like to no if anyone felt/feels as unwell as I do? Here's some of the symptoms I get on a daily basis.

Tired/drained but unable to sleep

Feeling very sick

Headaches/pressure in my head

Muscle pain/joint pain

Dizzy constantly/very unsteady on my feet.

All this was before I started my medication so I'm not sure if this is all down to what I've been diagnosed with.

Any help would be great,thank you

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Anti epilepsy drugs AEDs alone can cause all the side effects that you speak of. Likewise in some of us the tiredness that you speak of can be an effect of your epilepsy.

If you are unhappy I would suggest that you ring up your neurologists secretary and explain to her. She can either pass your comments onto your neurologist or onto their epilepsy nurse.

I wish you well



Hi,all the symptoms I'm getting was before I even started any of my medication.


TRy to see a neurologist ASAP so that you get advice from the top !!!  The average GP does not have enough knowledge about Epilepsy and just dish out drugs !!!


I have Hughes syndrome which I think caused my epilepsy please look at the Hughes syndrome web site on here,also Hughes foundation site I think it would be very helpful to you


Hi,can you tell me how it treated plz?


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