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Hello All

I have just starting having seizures over the last 3 years. I have only had about 6 seizures, but I am still yet to see a Specialist about them. I am in my late 40's and have no idea why this could have happened to me at this stage of my life. Has anyone experienced this, and is of a similar age? And have they seen a Specialist and what was the outcome?

Look forward to hearing from anyone who is in a similar situation.


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Hello Fiona, this must be an anxious time for you. Seizures can start at any age, but people are usually referred to a specialist after they have had two. Have you been referred and are you waiting to be seen, or have you not been referred at all? I'd be interested to hear what your GP has said to you about your seizures. Best wishes, ERUK_RI


Hi. I am sorry to hear that this has started happening. The fact is, that seizures can start happening at any time - and stop at any time! Every person's epilepsy is different. I have had it since my birth, now I am 50! It can start and stop at any time! Did you have any larger accident or fall, or nasty hit on the head in the previous year to when they started? Or a car accident? It can often start from that sort of thing, but doesn't have to start the day after - it can begin a few weeks or months afterwards - even a year after.


You really should insist on seeing a specialist possibly at a specialist hospital like the National Hospital and Kings both in London. wherever you live you should have specialist advice after such a long time. Stay positive & good luck .

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Im in my early 40s and just started having them. Ive had too many to count, at least once a week. Ive seen three neurologists so far. The first one said it was acute seizure disorder. The second said it was a psychiatric issue and the third, the head of the dept, confirmed it was Epilepsy. I take Kepra and have found if I minimize my stress, anxiety and panic attacks, I can reduce my seizures. So I also take anxiety meds and havent had a seizure in 3 weeks.


Fiona, I have since replied. Hope you see my response.



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