My epilepsy surgery

My epilepsy surgery

Hello everybody i havent written a post in a long time so here goes i had epilepsy surgery in december 2013 and i have had the best time of my life i have been completely seizure free since then and not even a hint that i was ever epileptic and you cant even see the scar even though it had 36 staples in it i feel absolutely fantastic this is what i remember life being like before so much so i decided to take up weightlifting something i wouldnt have done before i am having the time of my life this is me five days after surgery 😊

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  • Do you control your carbohydrate intake to prevent a recurrence?

  • Nope i just try to eat healthy as i am diabetic also me having seizures had nothing to do with anything just that i had a brain infection caused by my thyroid hashimotos encephalitis

  • What do you consider healthy eating?

  • Low fat low sugar low salt and the odd treat and plenty exercise well its worked for me i have lost 5 stone and gained muscle for me it has to be the low sugar first then the low fat then the salt as sugar turns to fat 😊

  • That's true, and starch is a string of glucose molecules.

    Too much protein is also easily turned to glucose.

    And fructose suppresses the immune system.

    All the best jules1973!

  • Did you see the photos i posted of my brain surgery 😊

  • You seem to have made an impressive recovery.

  • That i have its all been worthwhile having the surgery and being a complete mess for 4 months i was even back at work 5 months later

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