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do tens machines affect epilepsy?

hello, I am interested in finding more out about tens machines and the effects it has on epilepsy? I currently use a tens machine and have done for about 6 years now when I have a period or ibs pain. I am 32 years old and touch wood.....have not had a fit since I was about eight, any info would be much appreciated. doctors do not seem to know much about these machines.

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Hello Sam, thank you for your post and apologies for the delay. A lot of Tens machine manufacturers put a warning on their products; however there is no robust evidence that the machines are unsafe for people with epilepsy. The UK epilepsy and pregnancy register FAQs page (http://www.epilepsyandpregnancy.co.uk/pages/faq.htm) even states that Tens is a suitable source of pain relief for women with epilepsy who are pregnant. If you find Tens to be of benefit to you, and you have been using it for six years without any adverse effects, it seems unlikely that it will suddenly cause you problems.


I had often used a TENS machine on my wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome and had suffered no ill effects. However, I used it near my spinal cord and neck for pain relief and suffered an epileptic seizure afterwards, which has rather put me off using one again.


i put a couple of discs out six years ago and was in so much pain i decided too ignore the epilepsy warning regarding these machines. I have never had any problems using it and when i do use it hardly ever touch the pain killers.

I have also never heard of anyone having problems with the tens if they have epilepsy in the twenty years i have used it.

My advice is give it a try in your own home for a couple of months and check out the results.

Good Luck


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