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I've had epilepsy for about 14 years. Last year I had a relapse after being all clear for 7 years. Now I am fighting fit I'd like to give something back or study something. Epilepsy has always been a taboo subject and I'm no longer ashamed to have it. I always wanted to work in the medical industry but I was terrible at science at school

I'm not keen on fundraising activities but I do always donate .

I look forward to the suggestions


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hello Gemma I am surprised you went so long without a seizure then had another.But then again I am no expert .I have however had epilepsy for 19 years though and have never gone more than a year without one.Mostly though I have about 5 to 10 in a year but its very erratic ..As for your point about giving something back well that's something I would like to do too.But I am not sure I have the confidence to do so.I am sure their are many ways you can help and wish you well in finding some way to do so.



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