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Cannabis oil for epilepsy?

I have been reading an article on the benefits of cannabis oil for some types of epilepsy, and how the use of Cannabis oil in certain conditions, has been passed by the Dail in Ireland. Any rumbleings of use in UK, certainly though unusual has undoubtedly a passing interest of ANY person with epilepsy, ANY hope of some sort of relief is always worth looking into?

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Hi Adlon57

It would be wonderful to find something that can help people who have drug resistant epilepsy.

There is a number of small medical trials taking place in the UK and America. If you go to Epilepsy Actions website, we have information on these trials.


(Enter cannabis in the search box at the top of the home page)

It’s still too early to comment on its use to control seizures and whether there are any possible side-effects from using it.

When we hear any updates we will post this information on here.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

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Fully agree! I have drug resistant epilepsy; waiting for Epidiolex to come out so I can use it! That's the new drug with traces of cannabis in it. I have been told by the epilepsy nurse that it won't be available till sometime in 2018. Will be questioning my epileptologist next month on this and whether I could start using cannabis oil. I have spoken to someone in the US who is on it and since starting it, they have had a lot less seizures - maybe seizure free!


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