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lap today

I have my lap today and I'm nervous, I had one last year but it was emergency due to ectopic so having it planned and the waiting has driven me nuts, Like everyone I'm worried they either won't find anything or it will be too bad for them to do anything. I'm also worried that my friend won't be able to wait for me as someone told me they don't let people wait for you for day cases and when I went for the mrsa swab there didn't seem to be a cafe or anything......least I will get answers

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I know it can be scarey but just try and be positive, at least somethings being done to try and help you :) good luck!


Good luck, I had the same worries but you will have answers soon x I was on my own but was so groggy afterwards it didn't matter but I'm sure there will be somewhere she can wait, the other girls waiting for op all had people with them and were allowed to stay till they went for op so I'm sure you'll be fine and its nice your friend is supporting you x keep calm deep breaths and it will be over with soon x


Good luck for your Lap, I know how you feel I have my Lap tomorrow and I am so nervous x


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