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Laparoscopy and orgasm



I hav an ovarian cyst removed a week ago. For who-wknows-what reason I spontaneously decided to play around with myself some and had an orgasm. Only as it happened I realized I probably shouldn't have done that.

I am now regretting it lots and worrying over what the consequences could be. Can anyone tell me if there is a real chance I might have damaged something? How would I know, if I did? I am currently on my period too, but there was/is not pain other than what was there before. I am still panicking tho.

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I reckon you're ok! I find orgasms help with the pain actually when I'm on my period. But without being a doctor and knowing what happened during the lap I can't give you advice really on whether it's ok or not! Just that orgasm and period arent bad together.

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