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After pain clinic

I attend my first meeting in a pain clinic expecting to receive some sort of support.

I had a long conversation with the doctor which I much of say was difficult because the doctor was asking lot of suspicious questions , he made me feel like I'm not telling the truth.

I was so positive to go there thinking that maybe this doctor will be able to help me out with my pain and complicity of my case .

I received a letter from them saying to prepare for other scans,x-ray,mri ...

They only did an assessment on me leaving me with nothing , I understand that there is no magic potion but that is just not fair on someone who live in a horrible pain everyday .

He advised me to ask my GP to check my Thyroids but come on why they are not able to check that themselves ?????

The doctor arrange a follow up appointment in a next 3 weeks .

I'm spinning in the same black whole over and over again .

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Hi hun. I'm sorry that it did not go well. I have my lap next week but I have been to pain clinic a few times with my spinal problems. The first time I went i felt like you did there was no understanding of my pain and I felt like they did not really care . Then I moved and went to different hospital and I felt they understood more and I came away feeling more positive.

I hope next time you do see them that you come away feeling better. It's so hard because you look forward to things like this in hope that someone can help with the pain.

Not able to say much that helps but sending a big hug xxx

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Thinking of you. My first time with a pain specialist was very distressing and I felt it was the end of the line and I was being told my pain was psychological but I have since got some onward referrals to physio and psychology which who knows may help and some new medication which is at last helping me sleep and destress a bit.

Really hope the follow up helps. Why don't you write down what you want to say before you go and have the conversation a bit more on your terms, why can't we try this or that for this pain etc.

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I do hope the physio helps and you find some relief from the pain. I am really glad your getting some sleep now. I find if I don't sleep I get very down very quickly. It's amazing how not sleeping can effect my mood.I think psychology is a great idea maybe talking to someone about it will help. Keep in touch sending hugs xxx

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I will definitely do some notes next time , I truly wanted to do that before but last time when I did this the doctor was asking me where did I get this information are they from the internet : ////

Yes you are right they also said to me that this is probably a psychological problem

Before I wanted to have a diagnose but now I just want to know how to menage my pain and be back to work (myself)

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