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Suffering from endo and vaginismus

I'm 26 yrs old, married and diagnosed with endo and vaginismus for over a year. I want to know if these two are related in any way. Will surgical removal of my cysts help in minimizing vaginismus pain? I've two cysts measuring 3.5cm and 1.2 cm on both my ovaries and have adhesions near my rectum. I've been to at least 6 gynecologists for help regarding vaginismus. The latest one scoffed at me while I tried inserting a dilator in his presence and I yelped in pain. I'm not able to relax when I insert dilators. I'm really confused. I don't think there are any pelvic floor specialists in the place I live. I've been ridiculed, belittled and badgered over the past year by doctors and nurses. My husband is the only one who understands my pain and supports me throughout. I'm planning to see a sex therapist next month. Also planning to purchase silicone vaginal dilators. Anyone heard of Vagi wave? Useful?

I know I'm not alone and many of you are having the same. Pls help me out in any way you can either by suggestions or words of comfort. Anything

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